So, what is keto, what is this blog for, and why am I doing this?

Keto in short is a high fat, moderate protein, low to no carb based diet that places your body into a state of ketosis where you burn fat as your primary fuel source instead of carbs. If interested in further detail, I highly encourage doing a little reading, curiosity is what lead me here.

The purpose of this blog is to help encourage myself to stick with it. I’ll be rambling about how I’m feeling, what sort of groceries I’m buying, what am I cooking.. that sort of thing.

While keto is commonly used for weight loss, there’s a decent chunk of research showing benefits for several other ailments. For me primarily, this is my chronic migraines. Trust me when I say.. I’ve tried a lot, I’ve been through a lot, if you’re thinking to yourself as you read this “maybe if you try-” I have, probably more than once. Even the neurologists I’ve seen haven’t figured me out, and I’m heavily drug resistant making things even more complicated.

In addition to the chronic migraines, I also have general anxiety disorder, panic disorder, allergies, hormone imbalance, am hypoglycemic, and.. hell there’s probably a few other things I’ve forgotten just because I’ve learned to live that way. You get the picture. If keto can help any of these, especially the migraines, then it will be well worth giving up my cake and noodles.

And hey, at least I have zoodles. (which are pretty great if you’re a zucchini fan, investing in the spiralizer was well worth it.)


I’ll be going back on keto in about a week from now. I had been on it a couple days and then well.. my period came around for a visit and I just couldnt handle the hell that alone puts me through the same time as the “keto-flu”.

Be back soon!