For those who follow me elsewhere on my social media, you’ve probably noticed I’ve returned to a past addiction; couponing.


The image displayed is my haul I’ve collected in the past not quite 2 weeks since I started doing this again. Everything was either free or under $1 (but mostly free). Obviously.. none of that food there is keto friendly, so what am I to do with it all, and will I continue couponing while on keto?

Well, my honest plan with the keto is to stick with it for 2-3 months, and If I’m seeing zero improvement on my health by then, add it to the shelf of things that just aren’t for me. All of the cereal and noodles will last quite a while. If I do decide to stick to the keto.. I’ll be handing all of the food over to the two I live with or others, or even donating any acceptable food items. I know I’ll have no trouble making those snicker bars vanish.. if I don’t devour them myself before I restart that is.

I’ll most certainly continue couponing though. Even if not for food, items such as soap, toothpaste, detergent, and more are well worth it. Couponing for me is about more than just the savings, apart from a few hiccups that can happen at checkout now and then, I genuinely enjoy doing all of the research, prep work, and going out to collect my haul. It’s like a real world quest of sorts.. with loot at the end.

I’ll likely be making a Costco trip towards the end of the week, so be sure to checkout my 100% keto-friendly Costco haul then.