Friday is here! And that means I’m finally going back on the diet, and made my first keto-friendly Costco haul.

Note to make about me and Costco, I tend to only go there once every 1-2 months to get meat to freeze and other staples that last a good while (like my half and half for coffee). I made a bit more of an exception for fresh produce this time, I’m fairly confident I can go through what I got this time (asparagus, cauliflower, butter lettuce, and raspberries). So here is the general breakdown of what I got this trip, prices included. Prices may vary per region.

Half and Half 2.19 ea; I always use this for my coffee, this particular brand my Costco gets usually lasts up to 4 weeks unopened.
Heavy whipping cream 4.59; I thought I would give this a try in coffee, but I’ve been finding a selection of keto recipes that call for it.
Almond flour 12.49; This is going to be interesting, one of the hardest things for me going to be cutting out breads. Almond flour is keto friendly and seems to be common in a lot of bread alternative recipes, I found one for pizza crust I’m eager to try.

Beef burger patties 18.99; Great burger patties that I’ve always purchased from Costco. They’re just ground beef, nothing added, so I can either take one straight from the freezer to the skillet, or thaw a few in the fridge to use in other recipes that call for ground beef.
Parmesan cheese crisps 9.89; When I was looking up what sort of stuff people on keto got from Costco, I kept seeing these things. Crispy little wafers of Parmesan cheese. I have high hopes for these either in salads or just a chip-like snack.
Guacamole single serve cups 13.99; These were sort of an experimental alternative to avocados, but they don’t last long even being in individual packages, and they have a super strong onion flavor. I’ll go through the ones I have, but not really for me. (which is odd because I swear I’ve had this brand before and it was not that oniony).
Cream cheese 6.99; It is what it is, a big block of cream cheese. Lots of recipes call for this.
Chicken and apple sausages 13.59; I use to get these even before keto, love them. They are 3-4 net carbs per link so you have to eat them in moderation, but still pretty good.
Bacon 12.89; Gotta have bacon on keto, and you can’t go wrong with Costco’s pack of 4. I freeze these individual packs until I’m ready to use them.

Small cooked salad shrimp 13.49; You have to be careful with shrimp sometimes, smaller portions, but I got these to try making a shrimp and avocado “civiche”ish thing like a local taco place makes.

Artichoke hearts 10.79; I have a recipe for a sort of chicken salad my grandma use to make for me, I looked it over and the only thing not keto friendly in it is the rice. It calls for artichoke hearts so that’s what these are for. Going to see how it goes without the rice, maybe even replace the rice with some cauliflower.
Canned tuna 14.69; Lazy meal pantry staple of mine, usually mix with mayo for sandwiches, I’ll be trying it in lettuce wraps now.
Butter lettuce 4.49; For lettuce wraps and salads!
Raspberries 3.29; In small amounts raspberries are one of the few keto friendly fruits, I’m hypoglycemic and Ive read other folks like myself had success with nibbling on raspberries when transitioning into keto to help prevent any sharp blood sugar drops.

Smoked gouda cheese 7.11; I think I got this from Costco in the past, I remember it being really good.

Babybel cheese 10.99; Cheese, cheese, cheese! Yep, more cheese. These are individually wrapped little cheese wheels, great for snacking.
Asparagus 5.99; Tasty veggy, if you’re okay with what it does to your urine smell… Gona bake, saute, and wrap some of these in bacon.
Cauliflower florets 3.79; I couldn’t find full heads or the riced cauliflower at my Costco this time. 😦 So going to try blending these up to make my own rice.
And of course, a rotisserie chicken 4.99; A super cheap tasty keto friendly whole chicken, fresh and hot. I hadn’t had breakfast for lunch when I headed out, so I was eager to pick one of these up. Ill have plenty leftovers for a while.


And that’s my Costco haul!