Brief blog post, I’ve just completed my first “advanced” keto recipe, and I’m quite pleased. Is the recipe I followed. I was skeptical as it baked, as it put off a rather strong egg smell, but I’m pleasantly surprised.

The taste is pretty neutral to me, and the texture is a bit dry not unlike corn bread. I don’t think I could eat it on it’s own, but it should be wonderful to put stuff on. In fact, I incorporated it into my dinner tonight!

I had some leftover chicken breast from my Costco rotisserie chicken, so I placed that along with some lettuce and mayo on a couple small slices (they’re rather small, the pan I used was far too large.) And it works! And here I thought I’d be turning all of my past sandwiches into lettuce wraps. On the side is some baked bacon-wrapped asparagus. Roughly 4g net carbs total.