Those who follow me on other social media know that I decided to do a container garden again this year, mostly for the sake of stress relief. It’s had it’s ups and downs along the way, but for the most part, It’s been a pretty successful little hobby garden.

While I seem to have lost track of most of my progress photos, I do still have this one from early on, when my entire garden could fit on a shelf in the corner of my room.


There they are.. so young, so small. All grown from seed. Peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, lots of tomatoes and… a random container of wheat grass?

Yeah, I did have a few experiments in the bunch that didn’t quite make it.

So.. how does this little garden look today?


For what it is, a garden contained within mostly home depot buckets, it’s pretty nice. The only thing that’s left me rather sad is that my zucchinis kept rotting before they could even take off.. supposedly from a calcium deficiency or so I’ve read, but I don’t think I could possibly supplement them any further without killing the entire plant.

Everything else.. well.. I think It’s better to show than tell at this point. So here are some additional photos from my container garden of 2017.








As a end bonus, I noticed that we had what I believe to be wine berries growing along the side of the house. I did plan to pick these… but the birds are making quick work of them.